I just love the Spaceman watch from the 1970’s. I have a feeling there are a lot of other people who love this watch. It’s simply adorable! Designed by Andre Le Marquand, architect and watch designer from Switzerland.

The first model – the oval one, which you can see below – was released in 1972 and was issued in six different colours. It’s truly a classic vintage watch range.

The Spaceman Watch by Andre Le Marquand is a design classic

The second in the series, called the “Audacieuse”was released in 1974 with an asymmetrical shape on a leather strap. These watches can be found with lighting; completely black; chromium plated and in men’s and women’s sizes.

Here’s some photos, pretty cool watches eh? There are other Spacemen models sprinkled across the site – surf around.

You can see some PDF’s from the Pieter Doensen watch book and read what he says about this stunning collection of designer watches – click on the links below.