Established in 1999, The Retro World is the original online home of vintage & retro watches

What is The Retro World?

The number one place online for lovers of rare retro watches from the 70s and 80’s, and occasionally 60’s. Vintage watches, new design classic retro watches, LED watches, LCD watches, jump hour watches, old school wind-up watches and much more…If you’re looking for an unusual retro watch, such as an LED from a maker like Novus, or an LCD watch from the 1980’s then you’ve come to the right website! Once you’ve bought one retro watch and people ask you question after question about your watch – I guarantee that, like me, you’ll be hooked on retro watches!

Conditions of sale

Remember these are modern antiques you are browsing. Watches which are probably older than you are, and sometimes even older than I am!  Because they are antiques first, and watches second, we can’t offer any guarantees – however, treat them well, use them sparingly and more often than not they should last a decent amount of time. A bit like a good classic car. Remember to get them professionally cleaned and serviced. We’re good eggs here at The Retro World, and if your purchase breaks or you have any kind of grievance just let us know and we’ll try to help.


We only ship out via recorded delivery, so your watch is tracked and secure every time. Please allow 3-4 weeks for the whole process. Although it’ll usually be quicker.

Feedback please!

Any advice or input regarding the website, the watches, the service etc is greatly appreciated. What watches do you like? What ones do you hate? Is there any new feature on the site you’d like me to build? Don’t be shy and don’t hesitate to mail me or write on Facebook or Instagram.

Love please!

Also appreciated is love. Love and links to The Retro World. So if you’re a site owner, blogger, twitter, facebooker… please spread the word of this site. If you do, there’s a discount waiting for you.

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