Commodore LED classic watch

This is a NOS watch (new old stock) Commodore LED watch, and it’s in mint condition. This is the steel strapped Commodore LED watch version.

This watch is slightly more expensive than the CBM watches we have on the previous page. “Why Rusty? Why?” I hear you cry. “You’re nowt but a bloody robdog”. Well, only partly true. These watches are a tad more expensive than the others cause they’re not as easy to source and a little more expensive to buy. Honest.

We can also supply spare LED watch modules, red screens, cases etc etc, all mint and boxed should you need them. It’s got an excellent LED display, very clear and sparkly. It should do, it’s a brand new watch, but I’m always impressed by life’s simple pleasures. Only managed to bag one photo of the LED display in action, as you can see below – that’s ’cause my wrist action wasn’t quick enough. This is probably my favourite of the Commodore watches I have in stock. In fact I’m wearing one at the moment. When you buy this one, you’ll see why I love this watch so much…

PRICE: £195

Commodore LED classic watch

Commodore LED classic watch

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Commodore LED classic watch

Commodore LED classic watch

Commodore LED classic watch

Commodore LED classic watch

Commodore LED classic watch

Commodore LED classic watch

Commodore LED classic watch

Commodore LED classic watch

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42 Responses to “Commodore LED classic watch”

  1. Bobby Ball says:

    If I sent you my old watch, can you stick a new module in for me??

  2. Retro Man says:

    Check your email brother, I just sent you my address. You can send me your old watch, fire a new module in for you and send it back to you.


  3. Gemma Whitehead says:

    Can I buy a spare module too!! I have an old watch and would like to replace the module.

  4. Retro Man says:

    I’ll mail you too Gemma. Shouldn’t be a problem.

  5. Mark says:

    I have an old 70s Helbros LED watch, and the display is not working any more (was recently, but has decided to quit). The module is 29mm in diameter, and about 7.5mm thick, with push contacts at the 2 and 3 o’clock positions, and takes two LR44 batteries. Is this a standard size module, and if so, do you have replacements? Also, how much would a module be? Regards, Mark

  6. Retro Man says:

    I’m afraid I can’t help you there… maybe someone else can? Check back into the site now and again and someone may answer… Sorry I can’t be more help.

  7. Andrea Traina says:

    I need a new red screen for my Commodor led classic watch.
    Can you help me?
    How much does it cost?
    Regards, Andrea

  8. Retro Man says:

    Which model have you got Andrea? Same as this one??

  9. Andrea Traina says:

    Yes, the same as that one.

  10. Mark Shephard says:

    I live in Birmingham, England, could you tell me how much you would charge, including postage, to fit a new module in my watch? Many thanks.

  11. avalondust says:

    i need a module too, can you help me please?

  12. Retro Man says:

    What model do you have?

  13. Marcin says:


    Is this one for sale? If not, please e-mail me, when you’ll have one.

  14. paul says:

    Hi guys. I’ve got a 70’s microsonic led , can anything be done to get the scrathes off the front ,they look like little white specs marks.Not many yet but im worried ill get worse with daily wear.

  15. Paorrito says:

    NiksHeme say: I consider, that you commit an error. Let’s discuss. Write to me in PM, we will communicate.

    online San Jose

  16. andy hall says:

    availability on this one please ?

  17. marco cecchini says:

    one to buy the commodore. could you price it???

  18. barry says:

    hi, i managed to pick one of these up on ebay but after fitting new battery the module has now gone. do you supply a spare? Can you email me with price etc. thanks.

  19. Paul Doyle says:

    What’s the lug size of these watches? I want to order one and get a different bracelet for it



  20. benedict Mooncie says:

    hi, could you supply me with a module for my led digital watch? it’s a 70’s watch with the time button at 1pm and reset button at 3pm and a 29mm module! many thanks..

  21. kebewe says:

    I need help with finding a led module for a Texas Instruments #102.Any luck getting one?


    I bought from Amsterdam Holland a COMMODOORE blue plate watch and I lost the glass.

    Is this the same company?

    Can I send the watch for repairs

    There are memories on this watch .

    If someone can help with any information I ‘d appreciate


  23. Retro Man says:

    Without seeing a photo it’s tough to say, but I’d imagine it would be the same Commodore company… very much doubt they do repairs anymore though. Your best bet is to find a Commodore / LED enthusiast online. Any helpers here?

  24. Retro Man says:

    Really need to see a photo of it chief…

  25. Ian Jeffress says:

    Hi just wondering if you still have the commodore led for sale thank you ian

  26. Retro Man says:

    Absolutely Ian! Mail me at and we can speak there!

  27. Max says:

    Where can I find a module for a Texas Insruments model 103 led watch?

  28. mr les colwill says:

    hi come across your site looking for a 29mm led watch module to fit a 70s britsh trafalger watch these are 29mm with button at 2ock and set button at 4 oclock i know a national semiconductor and a litronix module will fit was wondering if the commadore module would fit , if so could you give price with postage to united kingdom
    thanks les

  29. Retro Man says:

    Hi Les, I don’t really sell just LED modules, cause it usually works out about the same price to sell the whole model… if you want to buy a complete Commodore LED watch and take it apart, you’re more than welcome to try! Cheers! Mail me at for more info….

  30. Ian price says:

    Hi retro man, would you be. AbLe to repair my silver CBM watch, same as above?

    Happy to pay for a new module and fitting and batteries, How much would you charge?


  31. stan says:

    What batteries does the Commodore LED classic take?Mine works, but keeps erratic time shortly after reseting time . Date & seconds are working fine. Is this a sign that the module is faulty

  32. Retro Man says:

    Take it to any watchmaker and they can test the battery connection – or install the correct batteries for you to test. Could be that the module is starting to become faulty though… 🙁

  33. Eddie Power says:

    I have an original 1975 ‘Palo Alto’ Commodore Timemaster that I bought new at the time. Swiss case, flat screen. Still in the box and with original paperwork. It looks like the module needs replacing. Can you help me and maybe give me a clue about how much it may be worth

    Regards: Eddie

  34. Mike Tomlin says:

    Can you still replace modules .
    I have a rotary red led watch from the seventies that works intermmitantly

  35. Retro Man says:

    I don’t do that anymore I’m afraid… sorry!

  36. jose javier says:

    Hola muy buenas;¿Alguien sabe o tiene por aqui modulos del fabricante fairchild para un Yema fairchild de 1977?.
    Acbo de llegar por aqui,muchas gracias

  37. Core says:

    Hi Retro Man,

    Two questions, if you may:

    Can you tell us anything about the batterylife of this model, perhaps with some usage level info based on your experience (like 5-10 timechecks a day) ? I guess this has two 357 batteries inside, but those are quite small ones… Do they last for some weeks? Months? Even a year?

    Some sources selling this same item clearly show in the product pictures they have that the company emblem is imperfect / not full. Just hoping the ones you sell do have a good quality “C=” marking on the front glass?

    Thanks in advance! And BTW: your cataloque is full of really impressive time machines 😉

    With Regards,

  38. Retro Man says:

    Anyone good at translating Spanish to English?

  39. Retro Man says:

    A watch shop.

  40. Bernard Lee says:

    is it possible to get a module for my imado 4 fairchild watch


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